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EUREKA approves the Cluster Applicant Label to SMART

SMART, the new EUREKA Cluster Program on Advanced Manufacturing has been granted the "Applicant Label" with the support from Czech R., Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

At present, more than 130 organisations distributed among 20 countries have expressed their interest in participating in future SMART projects. The promoting industry will keep working to get other relevant manufacturing countries to support SMART.

SMART offers to industrial sectors the opportunity to include their own priorities in the research and development of advanced processes, products and services. It allows them to meet the challenges that the fourth industrial revolution is currently posing, which will lead to a profound transformation of industrial manufacturing.

SMART will provide a new flexible R+D+I Program on Advanced Manufacturing to meet the demand for industry-driven, nationally funded, internationally executed, high technology readiness level innovation projects.

From now on, SMART will create the structure and instruments to operate the cluster and plans to launch its first Call for Projects at December 2017.

Smart is open to the participation of any organisation involved in advanced manufacturing. For more information and joining visit: