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German contract research organisation daacro receives Eurostars funding

From November 2016 until October 2019 daacro will participate in a EUROSTARS-project named „ActiveNutraLife – A new complementary medicine approach for the management of chemotherapy side effects“. This project aims at designing and testing in clinical studies a new complementary medicine approach to speed up the recovery of haematological cancer patients in a post-chemotherapy phase.

This approach combines a nutraceutical supplementation, a remotely accessible adapted physical activity program and a personalized stress and fatigue diagnostic tool, allowing acceleration and monitoring of the individual recovery. An “ActiveNutraLife” kit containing these services will be offered by means of the web and is of interest to health insurance providers.

To achieve this aim, daacro partners with two French companies – bionov, world’s largest Superoxyde Dismutase producer, groupe Robertet, responsible for the nutraceutical supplementation (a unique melon extract) and V@si, responsible for the adapted physical activity program.

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