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How to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs

The EUREKA Investment Readiness Boot Camp could not have happened without the cooperation between EUREKA and the Hanken Business School. The partnership came about in 2017 during the Finnish chairmanship of EUREKA, when Business Finland and EUREKA visited several Finnish universities in search for new know-how. At the time, the new Business Lab was established at Hanken and its director was keen to establish a new start-up support programme. That was how the idea for EUREKA’s Investment Readiness programme came about. Hanken Business School is also convinced that the programme is paving the way for the future of the entrepreneurial eco-system.


Minna Martikainen, Professor in financial accounting at Hanken Business School

“With our programme we wanted to show how business schools can really support businesses by marrying theory and practice.
EUREKA plays a very important role in showing businesses how to access public R&D funding. With the Investment Readiness programme EUREKA is also showing a way how the impact of R&D financing can be improved by combining efforts with business schools and achieve an extra impact to support start-ups.
Right now, business education in entrepreneurship is supporting SMEs and start-ups on a wide scale. However, the scale is so wide that by narrowing it down and targeting start-ups directly, it can greatly help to improve the business knowledge in start-ups and therefore benefit the economy. As such, I see a great benefit of how a joint effort between business schools and EUREKA can prepare start-ups for further investment and innovation funding.”


Markus Wartiovaara, Director of Hanken Business Lab

“The business lab is an incubator that is a working environment for start-ups and meeting place for scale ups. In addition, we provide an accelerator service called Hanken Sales Engine Accelerator programme, where we help companies to grow even faster. We see the cooperation with EUREKA as a very natural step as a means for an incubator, a university and businesses to work together in Europe. We share a common desire to help organisations, both for profit and non-profit, as well as people to grow and prosper. We believe in the power of community. By coming together, we can help each other to grow faster, learn from each other and prosper. Communities are even stronger thanks to diversity by creating interesting mixes of students, academics, alumni, start-ups, scale-ups and non-profits we can learn from each other.
From the outset we wanted to develop the Hanken Business Lab as a unique incubator that is well integrated with other parts of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with other universities, not only in Finland or Europe, but also globally. This has meant various types of initiatives, involving top universities from the US, such as Stanford and Singapore University and now also with EUREKA.”


Benjamin Maury, Professor for Finance

“It is very useful to combine accounting, finance and entrepreneurship, the quantitative and qualitative approaches. It allows our participants to translate their business ideas into numbers. People from a scientific background don’t know the financial language and how to structure their communication efforts appropriately and this type of workshop helps them to quickly overcome these shortcomings.
Europe does not have a Silicon Valley, so initiatives like this are very important. We need to build a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem, combining efforts of the private and public sectors. In that sense, this training is quite unique.
Hanken is looking forward to developing these kinds of initiatives with partners such as EUREKA via our business lab to help emerging businesses.
Business schools tend not to synchronise their different subject fields and lessons. With this workshop we tried to integrate different elements and give a market-relevant big picture overview for participants.”


Ellen Hofbauer – EUREKA Investment Readiness Programme Officer

“It was inspiring to see the exchange between academics and entrepreneurs and how companies are able to profit by getting personalised advice from the Hanken Business School.”