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kentkart joins the EURIPIDES² Board

On 25 February 2015 the EURIPIDES² Board approved a new member: Turkish ICT company kentkart.

By developing intelligent transportation systems such as automated fare collection, vehicle management, real time passenger information, planning, and on-board video surveillance systems, kentkart aims to improve the customer service qualities and the profitability of public transport operators.

Sezai Cam, Deputy Director General of kentkart, said: “we are glad to join the EURIPIDES² Cluster in order to promote Smart City and transportation projects and become a key player in these topics.”

EURIPIDES² is the EUREKA Cluster supporting cooperative industrial research in the domain of smart electronic systems, securing and enhancing the position of Europe in new markets for heterogeneous electronic product integration, smart sensors and power electronics, and enmeshed and implanted systems.

“I warmly welcome kentkart in EURIPIDES². Not only this company will feature an important domain in electronics – smart mobility – but they will provide added value and new opportunities four our community in cross fertilising the domains covered by EURIPIDES².” declared Jean-Luc Maté, Chairman of EURIPIDES² and Vice-President of Continental Engineering Services.  

The EURIPIDES² Board is now composed of 22 members based in 9 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

More information about EURIPIDES².

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