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Public consultation on the achievments of FP7

The European Commission recently launched a public consultation on the achievements of FP7, the EU's 7th Framework Programme for research. Individuals who wish to give their opinion are invited to complete the public consultation until May 22, 2015. With a total budget of €53 billion for the period 2007-2013, FP7 funded almost 25.000 research projects in 4 specific programmes: Capacities, Cooperation, Ideas, and People.

Eurostars, the joint programme between EUREKA and the European Commission supporting R&D&I performing SMEs, was part of the ‘Capacities’ programme of FP7. SMEs participating in a Eurostars project benefitted from the funding and support in many ways, outlined in the graphic below extracted from the programme’s own ex-post evaluation.

The evaluation is an important instrument for assessing the effectiveness of FP7 implementation and the achievements of specific FP7 programmes. The evaluation will contribute to improving the implementation of Horizon 2020 and the design of future Framework Programmes.