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Theradiag receives Eurostars support for development of microRNA biomarkers in oncology

Theradiag, a company specializing in in vitro diagnostics and theranostics, announces that it has been selected by the Eurostars-2 program to receive financial support for its PIONEER collaborative project undertaken by its Prestizia molecular biology platform and its South Korean partners, Professor Chang-sik Yu and his team at Asan Medical Center and CbsBioscience.

Theradiag, Asan Medical Center and CbsBioscience have joined forces via their complementary fields of expertise in order to develop an innovative solution combining two tests, one based on the signature of circulating microRNA biomarkers, the other on the identification of tissue mRNA markers. This €2.2 million 3-year project will be partly funded by the Eurostars program, and will help validate specific new markers via the recruitment of a cohort of more than 300 patients.
The total subsidy represents €1.3 million, approximately €300,000 of it for Theradiag. A consortium agreement between the 3 partners will be signed in the coming weeks.

The PIONEER project was ranked 20th out of the 331 projects examined, which illustrates its technological quality and its substantial scientific and commercial appeal. It represents another milestone in our development in the field of rectal cancer”, says Michel Finance, CEO of Theradiag. “It will help strengthen the work already accomplished in this area, and will potentially open up new international markets to us.

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