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What are my obligations to Eurostars once my project is approved for funding and who do I contact in order to obtain further information?

The National Project Coordinator (NPC) in each Eurostars member country can address specific questions and will offer advice to participants of approved projects regarding both national and European reporting obligations. You can also address any question about the European reporting obligations at More information can also be obtained in the Guidelines for Participants.

A short summary:

To initiate the project:

  • All participants must contact their National Project Coordinator (NPC) in order to set up the national registration for funding.
  • The participants must supply a copy of the consortium agreement signed by all members of the consortium to the EUREKA Secretariat ( and their respective National Funding Bodies (NFBs) before receiving any payment.

To execute the project:

  • Comply with the Eurostars reporting requirements.
  • Communicate any changes made to the project to the National Funding Bodies and the EUREKA Secretariat at
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