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Corporate guidelines

The way that the Eurostars family of brands is perceived is the consequence of what we do and how we communicate what we do.

Everything that the EUREKA Secretariat and the national offices produce (brochures, posters, presentations, news releases, signage, web sites, advertisements etc) must ensure that the impression we give is consistent and positive.

Our corporate image has a crucial role to play in achieving Eurostars's desire to be seen as a strong, respected and responsive brand. This will give weight to our image and ensure members of the EUREKA Network and its customers - project participants, national and European administrations, trade federations and the public, see us as a progressive and efficient organisation.

The corporate ID developed here is to make it easy for all our members to be guided by certain graphic and visual parameters. This will not only create a coherent and consistent look, but also provide a foundation to work from. By following this guide, you can ensure that all documents and communications conform to the Eurostars corporate style.

Download the Eurostars corporate guidelines
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