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EUREKA Clusters



Initiated by European industry, EUREKA Clusters are long-term and strategically significant initiatives that develop technologies of key importance for European competitiveness. Addressing the needs of both large companies and SMEs, they are the engine for industrial innovation and economic growth.

Clusters catalyse the generation of innovative, industry-driven, near to the market and pre-competitive R&D projects in their respective domains. Through their industrial representation, EUREKA Clusters have a prominent and active role to play in bringing innovation to the market.

The Cluster instrument reflects synergies where European industry’s research and collaboration interests, innovation capacity - and national funding opportunities meet.



Becoming actively involved in a EUREKA Cluster project, enables you to:

  • Participate in developing ground breaking technologies for a high technology world in areas of high industrial and national interest;
  • Network with industrial communities along your value chain;
  • Meet potential partners;
  • Get help to develop your proposal;
  • Accelerate the introduction of your disruptive innovations to the market;
  • Obtain public support and form relationships with your Public Authorities.

Key steps in setting up a EUREKA Cluster project include:

  • Select a Cluster: participate in one of Cluster Information Days.
  • Develop a project idea and submit a project outline* to the Clusters Offices. See the cluster calls deadlines
  • Initial assessment: Clusters will perform the overall evaluation of each submitted proposal in tight collaboration with the Public authorities.
  • Submit a Full proposal
  • Cluster label is awarded to your proposal, which entitles you to submit your funding application to the funding body of your country. Clusters will facilitate contacts.
  • Launch your project: start your project!
  • Support: feel free to contact the Cluster secretariat for specific questions or concerns.
*some Clusters do not go through a PO phase.

EUREKA Cluster projects are completed and evaluated following each Cluster’s internal procedures.

For more information please read our EUREKA Cluster report: the EUREKA Clusters : Essential Instruments for Global Competitiveness.

Interested in creating a EUREKA  Cluster? Contact the EUREKA Secretariat for more information.

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