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Do you want to learn about the specifics of the Eureka Globalstars call with Singapore? When will it take place? Join our webinar on 13 August from 10-13 CEST and 16-19 SIN. Who can join the webinar? If your company or research institute is from: Singapore, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark,...

The title of Eureka Project of the Year 2019 has been jointly awarded to Eureka Cluster project Celtic-Plus SIGMONA and Eureka Eurostars project 10124 KIDS4LIFE . Brainchild of the UK Chairmanship of Eureka, the award recognises successful outcomes from the past five years across our different...

The UK was honoured to take on the Chairmanship of Eureka this year for the third time. While much has changed since Eureka was established over thirty years ago, its mission is as relevant today as it was then, if not even more so. The need for businesses of all sizes to collaborate beyond national borders and to operate globally is now even more vital to their future success.

Artwork kept under wraps at London’s Tate Britain and Tate Modern will be showcased using new 3D printing technology that can brings old masters back to life.

High blood pressure is responsible for almost 11 million deaths worldwide every year. 30% of adults develop hypertension and yet the majority of cases are either not diagnosed, or diagnosed incorrectly. Only one third of these cases are diagnosed correctly, but often accidentally.

The latest Eurostars call for projects has closed with 372 project applications. More than 1,100 organisations were mobilised to form international project consortia, proving that Eurostars remains the number one choice for many research-intensive businesses looking to public support for their innovative endeavours. As always with Eurostars, small and medium enterprises are in the driving seat for each project, accounting for more than 70% of participants.