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Riga / Latvia

The EUREKA office from Latvia have organised a information session about the EUREKA Initiative and about the Eurostars-2 , the first European funding and...

Riga / Latvia

This event, organised by the State Education Development Agency ( VIAA ) from Latvia, will aim to inform the participants about the funding and support...

Riga / Latvia

Enterprise Europe Network Latvia ( EEN ) with the support of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia ( LIAA ) and the Ministry of Economics of the...

Development of Series Production Technology of Faceted Cutting Inserts based on Ceramic Nano-Composites using FAST/SPS method

Social Analytics for Financial Engineering

Ultra small mobile multi-modal biometric data capture device with software application

Towards Autonomous Large Area Mass Production Sputtering Plants

Composite Suction Caisson

Super Biased Ligands for Treatment of Type II Diabetes