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The Eurostars website is a complete portal for registering your interest, searching for information, downloading relevant guidelines and submitting your complete Eurostars application.

It is possible to re-submit an application however if the application did not meet the quality threshold, improvements must be made. If the application was below the quality threshold and no changes have been made, it is difficult to justify spending public money on a second evaluation.

Applicants are kept informed on the progress of their application through the various phases; Approximately 3 weeks after the submission deadline, the applicants are informed whether their application is considered to be complete and eligible. Approximately 14 weeks after the submission deadline...

Eurostars adopts a decentralised funding methodology. As such participants do not receive funding directly from the EUREKA Secretariat or other European institutions. All funding to approved projects is managed by the Eurostars member countries according to national funding rules and procedures...

Eurostars which is managed by the EUREKA Secretariat in Brussels Belgium, reserves the right to use any project as a case study or success story to publicise its programme. Publicity material will be agreed with the consortium members before release.