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Detecting and Monitoring Terror-related Activities on the Web

The pregnenolone-derivative MAP4343 as a new therapy for the treatment of depressive disorders: a preclinical project

Real Time Biometric Speaker Verification Toolkit

Generation & optimization of anti-FCGR2B antibodies to create tolerizing vaccines for autoimmune diseases and severe allergy

Reconfigurable Ultra-Autonomous Novel Robots

Standard framework for accessible and usable platform development for dissemination and promotion of web 2.0

Proof of Concept study for the development of a biosimilar monoclonal antibody using the Quality by Design (QbD) approach.

Intelligent System to detect forest fires and manage fire-fighting based on artificial vision, 3D maps and GIS technology.

Workflow and tools for stereoscopic TV programme production

Reformed Ammonia Pt-Free Anion-exchange Membrane Fuel Cell